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Are you ready for Html5?

If you need extra help to create html5 file, then please feel free to use Weborama templates. Please do contact to request the most up-to-date templates. Here are the specs for popular templates (video in all templates are optional):

To implement the clicktag within the HTML code, you can follow these steps:

If you need extra help to create html5 file, then please feel free to use Weborama templates. Please do contact to request the most up-to-date templates. Here are the specs for popular templates (video in all templates are optional):

Html 5 overview HTML 5 toolkit HTML 5 best practise HTML 5 Click Tag requirements

To implement the clicktag within the HTML code, you can follow these steps:

1. Declare the clickTag as a variable in the <head> section
2. Refer to the landing page URL (example: to that clickTag (as shown in the screenshot)

<script type="text/javascript">

var clickTag = "";


3. Once the clickTag variable is implemented, we will need to hyperlink the 'div/canvas' section (from where the creative asset will be rendered) using an anchor tag <a> in the <body> section (as shown in the screenshot)
4. Call the clickTag variable with in the anchor tag <a>  using '' function (which will in return call the landing page URL on clicking the creative as shown here:

<a href=""> div/canvas section is added here </a>\

Please ensure to replace with the corresponding landing page URL for the creative instead of '', so that the user gets redirected to the desired landing page on clicking the creative. You can refer to Help center article for guidelines to implement the clickTag in the HTML code.

Third Party Tags

We accept third party tags. The tag should be supplied with Javascript and Iframe variants and please ensure that the URL of the ad is https://

Tracking your campaign via CTU (click through URL)

Although we track a campaign via our ad server (impressions and clicks), you may wish to track how your campaign is doing yourself. If so, please follow the instructions below.

      1. Use the Google Analytics URL builder tool
      2. Using this you will have to enter specific parameters that Google Analytics will interpret, as seen below:

      3. Your new CTU will look like the one below instead of This a new URL:, This is the URL which you will need to send to the production team.

Considerations when designing your advertising

      1. Don’t rely on the product name
        A product name (e.g. ‘the new C-Series XYZ Range from Company X’) may mean a lot to your company but may not mean much to your target audience. Don’t assume the audience knows what your product is or what it does.
      2. Use relevant images which trigger the imagination
        A picture of the physical product is likely to be less effective than a picture associated with its benefits / application areas.
      3. Include a call to action
        In its most basic form a call to action can be ‘click here’ which is fine. However even better is to take this a step further: ‘click here for a free sample’ or ‘click here to receive a free information guide / brochure’. This is the difference between ‘you should click’ and ‘why you should click’. Don’t underestimate the power of the word ‘free’ either in this context.
      4. Don’t try to say too much
        If your banner message can arouse curiosity but not give too much away it is more likely to generate a better click rate. So avoid trying to squeeze in an arduous level of information.In the case of a banner, make sure each of your animated banner frames remains visible long enough for its message to be digested. A banner with 10 different animated frames, each of which remain visible for 1 second, will cause most readers to lose patience.
      5. Consider a Rich Media format
        An expandable or video banner will enhance brand awareness by increasing the level of reader interactivity with your banner. Because it stands out it is also likely to generate more clicks than a standard animated banner.
      6. Keep the ad message tone objective and educational
        The worst type of advert is ‘here’s a product, it’s great, buy it!’. Educating the reader on how a problem can be solved or what benefit a product can bring will generate a better response than a ‘sales-y’ type advert.

Webinar Types

      1. Live Webinar = nothing pre-recorded. Everything is live (presentation + Q&A session)
      2. Simulive Webinar = pre-recorded presentation + live Q&A session
      3. On-demand Webinar = everything pre-recorded (presentation + Q&A)
      4. Simulive webinar with all pre-recorded = pre-recorded presentation + Q&A session but broadcast as a simulive event on the D day. This type is slightly different from the on-demand.

Help with lowering file size

      1. Please ensure that you are using 72 dpi (screen resolution) and not 300dpi (print resolution)
      2. Having many slides bumps up file size
      3. Transitions- if you have many screens that fade in and out this attributes to big size
      4. Are the images within the file used big in size if so this has a knock on effect to the advert file size.
      5. Check you have the correct file dimensions


RBI recommend you check all elements of your creative, including third-party tags, to ensure they are sent using HTTPS if the advertising is to be uploaded to one of our secure sites.

What is it?

HTTP stands for HyperText Transport Protocol. In short, it’s a language which allows web servers and clients to communicate with each other. HTTP is non-secure and HTTPS is secure.

Why does this matter?

HTTPS websites are using a language which means that your data remains secure.

How do I check if a site is HTTPS?

You can check this by visiting your chosen website and looking at the address bar, as long asw the URL contains HTTPS://, you can be confident in the security of your data.


        1. Why can’t I see my advert? – Your ad is in rotation amongst other ads on the site so you may not see it every time you refresh the page, however this doesn’t mean it isn’t being served or seen by other viewers. You can request a break down report to see the ad delivery if necessary.
        2. I only see my advert once or twice in x amount of refreshes – The ad server tries to deliver the campaign evenly over the timeframe. If you saw your ad frequently the campaign would deliver immediately and not for the time booked. The ad server tries to distribute impressions on an equal/fair share basis.
        3. Can I change the creative and URL? – Certainly, we can update the campaign in real time and as many times as you wish, however it may take 20-30 minutes for the ad server to update this on the site.

Campaign Management Pack

What service can Ad Operations offer for optimum campaign performance?

Download our campaign management pack for a basic overview of what RBI have to offer with regards to online advertising, and how Ad Operations can optimise your campaign to your needs.

Within this pack, we have included:
Basic overview of the main formats that we offer
What to expect from us pre, mid and post campaign


If you have any further questions please contact: